Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Get Social Security Disability

For patients who have a life-altering injury, social security disability is a protective barrier against financial stress. Work with your patients seeking these benefits, so that they are not as worried about the looming medical bills and stress.

Apply with a Sense of Urgency

Since this process involves so many factors and can drag out for many, you need to help patients get their disability application ready as soon as possible. Give them materials on how it works and make sure they know what information is required of them. Information like assets, proof of disability, and medical history are just some details they’ll have to provide on the application.

Get Help from Outside Sources

There are companies outside of your hospital that can help your patients win their social security disability case. You may not have a lot of time, with the many patients you have to treat daily. Outside companies do have the time and resources, however, to help your patients take care of the heavy load of paperwork.

Even if your patients’ claims are denied, these companies can help them re-apply in a timely manner. Since many of these companies are certified in SSA, they know the ends and outs of this process.

The long road to social security disability gets a little shorter when your patients prepare for their application as soon as they can. They’ll have the upper hand and companies that specialize in this area make sure they are not taken advantage of.

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