Thursday, November 3, 2016

Keys to Using the Affordable Care Act Marketplace

The affordable care act marketplace gives people a way to find affordable, quality healthcare in a convenient manner. Provide your patients with resources and knowledge that make this using this marketplace just a little easier.

Enrollment Dates

Like many things, there are deadlines for enrolling and getting health coverage. Provide some assistance by giving them a chart, laying out what dates they should know about. Or, direct them to government websites that list these dates in an accessible manner. They can then print them out and highlight ones that apply to them, so they don’t miss out and get penalized.

The Purpose of the Marketplace

After your patients are aware of enrollment dates and upcoming cutoffs, they can effectively weigh their options with a sense of urgency. Now is the time to help your patients understand who the marketplace is designed for. It’s reserved for people who don’t currently have health insurance through a job, CHIP, Medicaid, and other sources. If your patients have Medicaid, they can’t switch to the marketplace. Those who do have job-insurance can still buy a marketplace plan, but they’ll have to pay full price.

Navigating the affordable care act marketplace can be challenging, at times, but you can help patients succeed and find the right coverage by giving them some information. It doesn’t have to be extensive, either. Just highlight some basic material so they are better equipped to pay for the medical treatment given to them.

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