Friday, November 11, 2016

Applying for Medicaid Made Easy

For low-income families and individuals, Medicaid is a viable program to apply for and it covers many things. These could include Medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance. Facilitate this process for your patients by providing them with some helpful information.

Gathering Necessary Information

Applying for Medicaid starts with gathering the right information. Your patients need to provide proof of age, proof of citizenship, proof of insurance, proof of assets, and proof of residence.

Along with this information, they have to prove their disability exists. That’s where you come in, as their medical provider. During this process, try to remain as transparent as possible. Provide documentation about their condition, such as how the accident occurred and how it’s impeding their daily life. Try to be as detailed as possible and take your time. An error could delay the application process.

Staying Proactive

Because this process can be long and tedious at times, make sure your patients are on top of their application. The sooner they submit their application, the quicker they can find out if they have been accepted into the program. You, as the patient’s medical care provider, should also stay proactive by reminding them of ways they can apply.

Getting Medicaid is not always a straightforward process, unfortunately, because there are a lot of moving parts that dictate program acceptance. Set your patients up for success by helping them know how it works and what they need to provide on the application.

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