Monday, November 7, 2016

Helping Patients with Social Security Disability

Applying for social security disability can be a lengthy process, often involving a lot of paperwork and medical terms your patients may not be familiar with. Give them the chance to use these disability rewards by lending a hand in the following ways.

Maintain Communication with SSA

Paperwork may have been filled correctly and on time, and they may have evidence proving their disability exists. All of this is for naught, however, when they don’t maintain constant communications with SSA. Regular communication with this agency is necessary for scheduling examinations and showing up to court dates, if they are required.

Make sure your patients are staying up to date with their case and have a means of being reached. You might even advise them to hire an attorney, someone who can talk to this agency so that the patient doesn’t forget or worry about these interviews.

Provide the Right Information

To win and make this process go by quickly, patients need to provide the right information. Important details include proof of age, social security number, and the names and addresses of doctors and caseworkers. If you treated the patient and have medical information proving their disability exists, you need to organize and file your findings. It may be lab results, blood tests, or extensive x-rays.

The better prepared your patients are when filing for social security disability, the better their case will go. Then, after winning the case, they’ll have a way to pay for the treatment you give them.

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