Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How Social Security Disability Eligibility May be Affected by Changes to Medicare

One of the benefits of Medicare comes from part D, which provides drug prescription coverage to those enrolled. However, in 2017 the number of different plans available is likely to drop to its lowest level since 2006. Those enrolled in Medicare will have around 22 prescription drug plans to choose from, the problem being that these plans vary widely in terms of specific drugs they cover. This means that those who need specific medication may find it difficult to tailor their Medicare package to suit their needs.

Because it has larger budgetary impact at a federal level, the government is looking to revise Medicare too. These potential revisions include trying to move patients toward insurer provided Medicare Advantage plans rather than the traditional Medicare program, as well as introducing a voucher system cap, which would shift the financial burden of rising healthcare costs onto participants.

How it will Affect Social Security Disability

Since many people who are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits are also enrolled with Medicare, they could find themselves unable to get the prescription drugs they need. While the benefits from Medicare don’t kick in until 24 months after you have met the Social Security Disability eligibility criteria, it’s still something that could have a large impact on the number of non-payment patients in your hospital. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2mqTmmE

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