Thursday, March 9, 2017

Eligibility for Medicaid and Health Coverage Itself Up in the Air as ACA Repeal Looms

It’s been a tense past couple of months as efforts to repeal the ACA, dubbed Obamacare, appears to be more imminent than ever. At this point, people are now simply wondering when it will happen as opposed to whether it will happen. With the resounding support of the Republican majority in Congress, its repeal is most certainly guaranteed already.

Beyond the abolishment of the ACA, however, the more pressing question for all those affected centers on its replacement. Without the ACA in place, what kind of system will be introduced to fill its void?

Filling the Gap

There are no concrete plans announced as of yet, although there have been plenty of talks pointing to what the changes could be. Included in the possible revisions is the removal of the highly contested income-based tax credit of the ACA. In its stead, an age-based tax credit system might be invoked. In this new system, it wouldn’t matter if you are a high or low wage earner. You’ll be getting coverage and benefits equally, as long as you meet the age bracket requirement.

Another looming issue drawing much concern from those currently insured under the ACA is the report of anticipated revisions to Medicaid. A couple of days before February ended, a “discussion draft” was leaked to the public. The draft was supposedly a work in progress by the GOP. However, it conveyed a very telling picture of what will most likely transpire once the ACA is repealed. Read more from this blog.

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