Thursday, March 9, 2017

Gaining a Deep Understanding of Your Patient’s Eligibility for Social Security Disability

In 2015, the Social Security Administration reported that the agency has paid disability benefits to more than 10.2 million Americans. In total, disabled members and their beneficiaries received approximately $11.4 billion in that year alone. In terms of the type of disabilities, nearly 31.7 percent have been diagnosed with musculoskeletal disorders.

Every month, these disabled individuals and their families are receiving supplementary pay of about $1,165 on average. At present, the SSA continues to cater to the concerns of its members as the agency strives to upgrade to a better system.

Overview of the Application Process

When a patient files for Social Security disability insurance, the medical provider’s task is to verify the extent of his disability. This may be supported through medical diagnoses, laboratory results, psychometric tests and other documents. Such evidence must be able to prove his physical and/or mental capacity to do work or resume work. Read more from this blog:

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