Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Care Providers’ Roles in Benefits Application

Medical professionals have made it their mission to treat their patients and offer them the highest level of quality health care possible. But apart from providing treatments and imparting sound medical advice, doctors and medical staff also play a vital role when it comes to their patients who are applying for government benefits. 

At present, a significant number of families across the country are unable to afford medical care. Many hospitals also encounter patients who are disabled and need continuous treatments, but who are having trouble with the costs. In these cases, patients can apply and determine their Social Security Disability eligibility.

In the application process for Social Security disability benefits, personnel from state-run Disability Determination Services (DDS) and satellite offices of the SSA will examine the extent of disability of the patient. They will have to find out how long the disability will persist, and check if the patient has the capacity to work once again.

During these proceedings, medical care providers are the primary sources of official medical documents and other evidences to support the patient’s claim for disability. In some cases, examinations may be requested by the SSA, and doctors may also be called upon for further consultation as needed.

If you have patients who are applying for Social Security Disability compensation, you can help them further by referring them to the experts. Specialists in the application process can assist you and your patients with document preparation, and answer any queries you may have about the benefits program. Consult with them today, and relieve your patients of their worries.

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