Monday, September 12, 2016

Breaking Down Social Security Disability

Aiding patients in any way you can is critical for having a thriving hospital. Many of your patients may be seeking social security disability, and you can break down this process in the following ways so that it’s easier for them to get. 


To help your patients avoid confusion and wasting time, you need to help them decide if they are disabled or not. This is based on various factors, including working status and the severity of their condition.

Another thing patients would ask is if their condition would be considered severe. For an injury to be classified as severe, they must prove that their condition interferes with basic work-related activities. If your patients are injured but still suitable to other types of work, they’ll be declined.

Get it Right the First Time

The SSD process can be long and tumultuous, so your patients need to do everything they can to get it right the first time. This means filling out their application correctly and making sure that no information is left out.

You can make sure this happens by having them get help from a company that specializes in eligibility for social security disability. All of their medical records can be compiled by these specialists so that the necessary evidence is there to prove the disability or condition exists.

Getting social security disability should be an easy process, and it can be if you help patients along the way.

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