Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Assisting Patients: Going Above and Beyond

With new diseases emerging and the constant flow of patients, running a successful hospital can be taxing. How do you effectively operate with all of these demands? No matter how hard times get, your focus should always be on your patients. 

Emphasize Critical Illnesses Treatment

Create some value for your hospital by focusing a lot of time on critical illnesses. Things like cancer, brain injuries, and cardiac problems can’t be treated just anywhere. Patients need someplace specific, and you can fill this demand by offering exceptional treatment options for these debilitating, often times life-threatening conditions.

Help them Scan the New Health Insurance Marketplace

A lot of your patients may be without health insurance, which is not ideal if you wish to collect payments from them. Make sure assets are collected by helping them consider their new health insurance marketplace coverage options.

Keep patients informed on open enrollment. After all, you don’t want them to miss the deadline and then have to pay a penalty. For the 2016, patients have to pay $695 per adult or 2.5% of their income if they don’t have health insurance.

It’s also important for your patients to research the quality of their plans, because not all plans are created equal. There are websites that provide free rankings to make the breakdown a little easier for your patients to understand.

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