Friday, June 3, 2016

Patients Qualified for Social Security Disability

If you manage a hospital, you may want to focus more efforts on helping patients receive Social Security Disability (SSD). This gives them a peace of mind if they have a condition that leaves them disabled and are unable to continue working. Here are some factors that dictate whether your patients can receive SSD.

Job History

A paramount factor that dictates whether or not your patients can receive these benefits is job history. They need to have worked in jobs that are covered by Social Security. They can find out what these jobs are by researching their state’s regulations regarding disability. They also need to have worked long enough to meet the required amount of Social Security credits.


Another factor to consider is the type of condition they have. Social Security pays only for total disability, which is based on several factors. These include a patient’s inability to do work that they could do before, if their disability has lasted for at least a year, and if they are not capable of adjusting to another type of work based on their condition.

Special Situations

There are special situations where getting Social Security disability could be different. These include having disabled children, being blind or having low vision, and being the worker’s widow or widower.

Getting disability benefits from Social Security is important for a lot of reasons. Make this process easy on your patients by showing them what they need to do in order to qualify to receive them.

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