Monday, June 6, 2016

Medicaid: What Your Patients Need to Know

Patients in your hospital may fall into the low income category, making them eligible for Medicaid. This social health care program helps families with limited resources. As a hospital manager, you can increase the odds of your patients getting accepted into it by helping them know certain details.
Methods for Applying 

As the healthcare provider, you may guide your patients throughout the application process to make it simpler for them. When applying for these benefits, your patients have two methods to select from. Either they can do a search on their own through the insurance marketplace, or they can do it through a Medicaid agency.

Finding insurance through the marketplace requires your patients to submit an application through the marketplace, where they can find out if they qualify for an individual insurance plan. This depends on the income they make.

The Application Process

Your patients are required to fill out an application for Medicaid, which asks them personal information and several key questions about their finances. Some info they have to provide include proof of sources of income, proof of residence, proof of citizenship, and proof of other insurance.

Make this process go smoothly for patients by reaching out and getting help from a professional service. A qualified consultant that specializes in Medicaid makes sure your patients’ applications are free of errors so that there is no delay in the process.

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