Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Top 5 Social Security Disability Denial Reasons

Hospitals dealing with people who are on disability social security often discover problems in revenue management, especially when it comes to receiving timely payments. However, for the patient, an even more pressing matter may come to light: denial of the disability application. Hospitals who want to help patients afford care and get timely reimbursement should become familiar with these top five reasons for denials:

An income that exceeds government requirements is the top reason for disability denial. This can be a challenge for people who find it difficult or impossible to work, as their income may take a tumble in a short amount of time.

Injury Is Not Severe Enough

A broken ankle or a small first degree burn isn't an extensive enough injury for the SSA. A doctor and patient must be able to show that the impairment is severe and will last 12 months or longer.

Failure to Comply

A patient's failure to comply with a doctor's orders is grounds for claim denial. This sort of experience may even cause problems with the relationship between the patient and provider.

Invalid Claims

Claims related to the abuse of drugs or alcohol are ineligible for disability. Applicants will be automatically denied funding.


A fraudulent request is always denied. Fraud claims may include identity theft, falsification of a doctor's signature, or faking disability to receive care or medication from the government.

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