Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Applying for Social Security Disability

Spina Bifida is a debilitating disease affecting children from birth. This condition where the child’s nerve root may be compressed is accompanied by pain, loss of motor function, and restricted spine movement. Neurological impairments will prevent the child from walking or using his or her arms due to weakness, spasms, or paralysis. The child’s nervous system and mental makeup could develop abnormally, and may result in an IQ level of 70 or below.

If your child is severely impaired by Spina Bifida in which the disorder will make it impossible for the child to be functional enough to fulfill the potentials of normal adulthood as he or she reaches adult age, you may claim for Social Security benefits on your child’s behalf through its Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or other similar program. 

Before submitting your application for benefits, you have to gather all the necessary medical records and expenses. Completing the information and documentation required can significantly reduce the waiting time for the decision on your claim to arrive. It’s important to avoid having the SSA request anew all of the records from your healthcare and finance providers.

Note that failure to properly complete the forms and records is a common reason why claims get denied. Consider working with a licensed SSA representative to ensure that the all the pertinent documents are submitted. Hospital representatives can also help facilitate the process so that payments can be made for treatment through your child’s SS disability benefits.

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