Monday, September 22, 2014

Reasons why your Social Security Claim is Denied

Applicants for Social Security benefits tend to think of the reasons why their claims for benefits should be granted, and seldom dwell on the reasons why they may be denied. Here are some of the more common reasons why SS claims get rejected.

Lack of hard evidence – The SSA strictly requires pertinent medical evidence that prove a claimant is significantly hindered from performing gainful work. For instance, the SSA requires claimants to provide the names and addresses of doctors and hospitals that provided medical treatment to the applicant. If the required information cannot be presented, then the claim is denied outright without question.

Denied before – Several cases involve a claimant being denied before upon the review of the documents.  However, it always doesn’t end on the bad side; individuals are often advised to appeal for a previously denied claim rather than file a new one.

Earning too much – For SSD claims, the maximum income limit to qualify is $1,000 a month. When some applicants file claims, they tend to forget that their income from what is called “substantial gainful activity” shouldn’t be above the limit. On the other hand, the SSI income limit is around $1,500 per month, as it is intended for low-income individuals.

Applicant is under 50 – Despite having convincing medical evidence, a claimant is likely to be denied if he or she is under 50 years of age, mainly because the SSA believes that these people are still able to perform gainful work. 

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