Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Affordable Care Act Marketplace Changes May Leave Some States Without Insurers

Over the past couple of months, insurers have been jumping ship from the Obamacare marketplace that has been under attack even more aggressively in the past year. While the changes are to be expected following the change in the administration, what remains unclear is whether or not the people relying on their ACA coverage will continue to have insurance coverage.

Coverage Woes

As it stands, there are already a lot of problems concerning the viability of the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. In certain states like Iowa, a lot of insurers have already stepped out of the picture, while others are about to ease their way to the exit. What this means is that locals are going to be hard pressed to find an alternative, or a backup plan, to keep their coverage intact for as long as possible.

In the meantime, the lawmakers are still struggling to come up with a suitable replacement that will be approved not only by the House but also by the Senate. So far, the two houses appear to be badly out of sync with each other when it comes to health care.

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