Wednesday, April 5, 2017

To Reverse the Rate of Unpaid Bills, Outsource Your Revenue Cycle Management Services

Over the tenure of the American Health Act (ACA), some observers have blamed it for the rise of unpaid patient bills at hospitals. Following the failure of House Republicans to replace the ACA with their own American Health Care Act, hospitals have come up with a new strategy to deal with a rising volume of unpaid bills. They bill the patient before any medical service is actually done. Hospitals are forced to try out this option because insured Americans are still required to spend thousands of dollars before their actual insurance payments ensue.

The ACA Has Led to Greater Unpaid Bills Over Time

In recent years, the ACA extended insurance coverage to as many as 20 million Americans. Initially, this allowed hospitals to reduce debt from uninsured patients who had originally been unable to pay their medical bills.

As time went on, however, more Americans on ACA plans have chosen insurance with low monthly payments, resulting in a trade-off with dire consequences. Patients now have to deal with higher out-of-pocket costs the moment they need medical care. As a result, hospitals must deal with a higher percentage of unpaid bills as patients continue to face the same dilemma over and over again when it comes to healthcare plans. Read more on this article:

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