Friday, October 7, 2016

Understanding How Eligibility Works for SSI

Most people think that only those disabilities listed in the Social Security blue book are the ones strictly recognized for disability coverage. For the record, though, this is not necessarily the case. An individual may still apply for and be granted Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI) as long as they are able to satisfy the requirements.

What’s in the List?

To better help your hospital’s patients understand the rudiments of applying for SSI, they should be first made aware of the blue book of disabilities, which is updated annually. This book covers all sorts of disabilities and maladies, ranging from cardiovascular conditions, musculoskeletal diseases, and even mental disorders.

Sometimes, it’s possible to have a patient who would like to file for an individual SSI, but their condition does not exactly match anything in the list. You can instead help them by directing them to apply under the related listing, otherwise known as the “equaling a disability listing.’ This means that whatever specific condition they have may not necessarily be listed in the blue book, but some of the symptoms they exhibit fall within the list as an individual condition.

Covered Jobs

Apart from a condition that can be qualified as a disability, their line of work must also be duly covered by Social Security. Once granted with disability benefits, the patient can enjoy them until they become well enough to go back to regular work. However, if they were receiving disability benefits and then reached full retirement age, this will be converted into retirement benefits instead.

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