Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Helping Applicants with Disability Social Security

There may be many patients you treat in your hospital that could qualify for disability social security. Better serve them by taking them through the process, making their lives much less stressful.

Providing Medical Evidence

For patients to get these benefits, they need to show that they are indeed disabled. You need to tell patients how they can do this, which includes making a list of the hospitals and doctors that they have consulted with. If it is your hospital, make sure to communicate with the doctor they have been seeing, and ensure that he can provide the pertinent medical records.

You also need to provide information about the most recent treatment that they have received. According to Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the treatment needs to have been received within the past 90 days. This evidence is important because it proves the patient is still unable to work, even if it is in a limited form.

Showing Work History

Your patients also need to show their work history when applying for these benefits. How long have they been working, and when did they stop? They’ll need to provide information on what the job was and what specific tasks were done when they were still able to work.

Social Security is going to look at these job titles and tasks and determine if they can still perform them based on their condition. If your patients can’t complete these tasks anymore, then they are more likely to get approved.

By knowing how social security disability works, your patients can improve their odds of receiving benefits. This helps you better serve patients, creating a lasting bond that can also be profitable for your hospital.

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