Friday, December 11, 2015

Eligibility Management for SSID Candidates

These candidates are possible clients for your hospital or health care institution, this is why having an eligibility management service tasked to lessen the process of claiming revenue from the eligible candidate and the health insurance providers that they have applied under. Having a system that manages these claims and supplements the existing revenue cycle management system of a hospital or healthcare provider makes claiming smoother and increases the revenue wholly in a short period of time.

Understanding SSI Disability Benefits for Children

Children can do very little when it comes to taking care of themselves. The situation becomes even more complex if they happen to have a disability. It is for this that the government has come up with the Supplementary Security Income Disability Benefits which children are the primary recipients. This move helps parents and guardians care for the young ones well, making it easier on their budget.

What is SSI Disability Benefits For Children?

In order to qualify for the social security disability for children, a child must meet two qualifications – he or she must have a physical or mental condition that prevents him or her to carry out regular activities; and the said condition should last, or have lasted, for more than year, or could lead to death. Now, meeting these qualifications does not necessarily mean that you can avail of the benefit. The decision lies with the state agency as they would be the one to review the application. Generally, the state agency would also take a look at the medical history of the child.

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