Monday, October 26, 2015

House Bills Aimed at Intellectual Disabilities

Earlier this year, Florida took efforts into moving their state to the cutting edge in providing financial and educational opportunities for children having intellectual disabilities. This has been in the form of two separate bills, one of which aimed to provide tax-free savings accounts for disabled individuals. Another bill aimed to provide an opportunity for children with intellectual disabilities to take part in special education programs.

Tax-Free Savings Accounts

Last April, the Florida House passed SB 642, which now allows tax-free savings accounts for disabled people. The bill also guaranteed that the contents will not be counted against eligibility for Medicaid or Social Security disability payments received by an individual.

Special Education Programs for Disabled Children

Another bill, SB 602, aimed to increase the number of disabled children eligible for vouchers to participate in special education programs. Aside from offering these programs to children with eligible disability conditions, the state of Florida is now among the states offering special education programs for children with autism and muscular dystrophy.

Both bills have been spearheaded by state Senate President Andy Gardiner, who have been championing the rights of disabled individuals, since he is a father of a child afflicted by Down syndrome. Once the bills are in effect, Florida is becoming a step closer into being among the top states offering top-notch state disability programs.

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