Monday, August 17, 2015

Why You Should Check Your SSI Claim Status

It’s easy to think that all you have to do is wait once you’ve accomplished all forms and handed them all to the SSA. The truth is you can’t relax just yet, not at least after you get approved. Many things can go wrong while your claim is being processed—errors can end up delaying your claim’s approval, which could put all your hard work to waste and send you right back to square one.

The fact is, claims get denied every day—that alone is enough reason to keep close tabs on your claim status. If your initial claim gets denied, you only have a limited time to try to appeal the decision. If you fail to appeal within the time limit, you’ll have to re-submit all your paperwork—maybe even file an all-new application altogether. The shocking thing is that this can happen even if the reason for the delay stems from the SSA’s side of things.

Another problem that could put a stop to your SSI claim is when paperwork gets lost somewhere along the way. The SSA deals with thousands of cases daily and files can be misplaced by the employees. This actually happens a lot more than applicants would like to think. 

All these reasons and more is why it’s important to check on your claim status and keep records of your own.

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