Saturday, July 11, 2015

Affordable Care Act Marketplace: How Hospitals are Faring Post-ACA

"With an aim to make healthcare more affordable and within reach for underprivileged people, the Affordable Care Act led to the drastic transformation of hospitals, practices, and the medical community in general. This transformation also warranted a change in a medical facility’s model, particularly their revenue cycle management model, as the changes prompted by the Affordable Care Act had also caused new challenges on payer negotiations and contracts. With more previously uninsured patients in the Affordable Care Act marketplace now able to afford healthcare, hospitals and other private practices must also be able to keep up with the influx of demand in healthcare with an effective revenue cycle management model. While it remains unclear which model or combination of models will be the most effective – as the ACA had undoubtedly caused complexities to a hospital’s revenue cycle operations – this is also the perfect opportunity for healthcare providers to show improvement and exce

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