Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Medical Aspect of Disability Insurance

One of the key things you should be aware of when you’re applying for Social Security Disability Insurance is that the folks at the Social Security office will scrutinize whether or not you are, indeed, showing signs that render you unable to function well and earn a living. That said, Social Security will check your medical records to see if the conditions you’re exhibiting are legitimate.

Social Security usually determines if you have been seeking treatment to address your disabilities. Most of the time, however, they might be apprehensive when they see that you have not sought out medical reparations for your impairment. Normally they would ask why you weren’t able to seek medical attention for your ailments, and if you give acceptable reasons, they would take that into consideration when they assess your eligibility.

On that note, a couple of valid reasons would stem from you not being able to afford such treatments, if the side effects of taking such treatments or medications are worse than the symptoms, or when a doctor states that your condition is incurable. To your end, it is paramount that you provide all the necessary information about your medical condition and the treatments you’ve taken when you’re being screened by Social Security; make sure you include all the doctors you’ve consulted as well. Being upfront about your condition and being compliant would strengthen your chances of being granted an SSDI.

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