Saturday, July 12, 2014

Expanded Eligibility for Medicaid: How Healthcare Providers Can Adapt

"Medicaid’s recent expansion will no doubt require health care providers to improve their existing healthcare revenue cycle management systems. Any such improvement should help monitor a practice’s income by improving the efficiency with which it determines patient insurance eligibility, collects co-pays, and codes claims under the new healthcare system. Eligibility experts from companies like DECO Recovery Management can facilitate this transition and ensure that healthcare providers as well as their patients are properly covered under the new system. Whatever changes Obamacare and subsequent healthcare reforms may bring about, it is clear that hospitals need to better manage the non-clinic aspects of their operations so they can focus on providing quality care. Custom-fit solutions from a revenue cycle expert like DECO Recovery Management make it possible for the uninsured and underserved members of society to get the healthcare they need and at the same time allow hospital operat

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